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KRIGSKADE "Sidste vilje" - Creepo Zoid/High Hopes
(FR) Paris D-Beat/hardcore with Danish lyrics - comes w. a pin
MARTYRDÖD "In extremis" - Plague Bearer
(SWE) Raw scandi crust w. elements of black and death metal. LP on Havoc Recs.
MURO / ZYFILIS split - Adult Crash
(COL/DK/SWE) Bogoto and Öresund raw hardcore punk cooperation
NOSFERATU "Utopia" - Pissed Off/Chain
(US) US hardcore/punk
PRIMER REGIMEN "Ultimo testamento" - Chain
(COL) Super catchy Bogoto punk
RIXE "Cassette promo" - La Vida Es Un Mus
(FR) French oi/punk. 3 new tracks.
SELF ABUSE "s/t" - Adult Crash
(SWE) Gruff yet catchy Malmö hardcore featuring members of Fy Fan, Primitive Rites and Hårda Tider. Reminds me of early Detroit meets DxC HC.
SUBDUED "Torment & torture" - La Vida Es Un Mus
(UK) Dark driving anarcho punk from London
UNARM "2006-2017 Discography"
(JP) Tokyo Peace Crust Mangel Attack - collects all the early material.
UNARM "The voice from forced silence"
(JP) Tokyo Peace Crust Mangel Attack - 4 brand new bangers recorded at Noise Room

7" EPs

ANDY THE BAND "Carry on" - Instigate/Sabotage
(SWE) Swedish pop meets punk. Andy doing everything on his own....
ANTI POSÖRERNA "s/t" - Ken Rock
(SWE) Catchy punk rock from 1981
ARSLE "s/t" - Adult Crash
(SWE) Earslaughtering Malmö raw punk brutality for fans of Anti Cimex, Skitkids, Infernöh and Contrast Attitude...(brown or black wax)
CRUDE "Smash the wall for freedom..." - Kämäset Levyt/Tampere Hardcore Coalition
(JP) Burning Spirits styled Hardcore
D.O.G. "Declaration Of Genocide" - Even Worse
(US) Raw Japanese inspired hardcore via Pittsburgh
DAMAGED HEAD "s/t" - Adult Crash
DAMAGED HEAD "Gone" - Adult Crash
(SWE) Fast catchy ami-styled hardcore!
ESTRANGED "Frozen fingers" - Sabotage
(US) Somber Portland post-punk with a heavy 60’s rock influence
EXOTICA "Musique exotíque #01" - La Vida Es Un Mus
(US) Mixing elements of early Brazilian punk, the aggression of the 82 post DISCHARGE explosion and mutant punk worldwide
FRAMTID "The Horrific Visions" - La Vida Es Un Mus
(JP) Osaka crust legends. Early Swedish styled hardcore an added over the top delivery with a really strong Anti War message
GAZM "Dirty beach" - Byllepest
(CAN) Raw hardcore punk
GLORIOUS? "Neverending butchery" - Adult Crash
(SWE) Malmö DIS-punk madness. 4 new tracks recorded at Blakk Lodge.
IMPULSO "s/t" - Erste Theke Tonträger
(I) Feedback drenched hardcore
INSTÄNGD "Konkret och brutal" - Adult Crash
(SWE) Blown out fuzzy Umeå hc/punk ala 1981/1982.
JUNTA "Vertigem" - band
(DK) Raw Copenhagen hc/punk inspired by various early international shit
KATASTROF "s/t" - Adult Crash
(SWE) Furious Swedish hardcore punk. Should appeal to people who dig Totalitär, Herätys and the likes...(blue or black wax available)
KETTENHUND "s/t" - Contergan Punk
(DK) Austrian hc/punk - recorded at Ballade Studios
KOLD FRONT "s/t" - Symphony Of Destruction/Saudade
(DK) Cold Copenhagen post punk/wave
KOMBAT "In death we are all the same" - Hysteria
(US) NY City hardcore pink
LESION "s/t" - Adult Crash
LESION "II" - Adult Crash
(DK) Lo-fi mid paced black metal punk stomp!
LIFE / INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL "split" - Static Age
(JP/DE) Comes in nice silk screened covers
LIFE FUCKER "s/t" - Static Age
(DE) Berlin raw punk/hardcore
LOVE POTION "Ejaculator" - Adult Crash
(DK) Raw, destructive and disturbing K-Town hardcore punk
MACHINE GUN "10 hardcore tracks" - Even Worse
(US) No gimmicks - straight forward hardcore
MG-15 "Derecho a la vida" - La Vida Es Un Mus
(ES) Classic Spanish Dis-PUNK reissue. Mandatory!
MUJERES PODRIDAS "s/t" - Symphony Of Destruction
(US) Texas raw punk
NEON "s/t" - Static Age
(CH) Unreleased '78 recording from this pre-Kleenex/Lilliput band - primitive first wave Swizz punk
NEU-RONZ "s/t" - Adult Crash
(SWE) Gnarly Stockholm hardcore punk
NITAD "En ding ding vårld" - Adult Crash
(SWE) Stockholm hardcore punk galore.
PARADOX "s/t" - Symphony Of Destruction
(US) Raw hardcore/punk
PARANOID "Praise no deity" - Konton Crasher/The Sign
(SWE) Raw punk mangel
PISS "2" - Static Age
(DE) Raw Swedish hardcore punk via Berlin
PLANET Y "s/t" - Adult Crash
(DK) Like a mix between early Dangerhouse styled punk and classic Danish shit.
PRIMITIVE RITES "Amount to nothing" - Adult Crash
(SWE) 6 new songs of tough yet catchy Malmö Hardcore/Punk
PROFOSS "s/t" - Adult Crash
(SWE) Raw Skåne käng punk
RIPPING HEADACHE "s/t" - Adult Crash
(DK) Fast and frantic K-Town hardcore.
ROLF & REVOLTÖRERNA "s/t" - Skramel
(SWE) Old swedish hc demos from 1981 and 1982.
SMART COPS "Cominciare a vivere" - Adult Crash
(I) Super catchy Italian hardcore with a touch of garagy punk (white or black wax)
SNOR "Scandinavian heartbreaker" - Adult Crash
(INT) More primitive reverb driven Malmö hardcore raw punk
SOTATILA "Vituiks meni" - Plague Bearer/Kämäset Levyt
SOTATILA "Vituiks meni" - Havoc
(SF/A) 2nd EP - 8 tracks of classic Finnish hc/punk.
STRUL "Föredrar ju fest" - Adult Crash
(SWE) Straight forward hardcore punk from GBG! If you dig classic Swedish shit like Huvudtvätt and Missbrukarna (or just good old hc/punk in general) you should give this a go!
SUICIDAS "Baile de mascaras" - Sabotage
(A/ES) Driving fast forward punk rock
TEROKAL "Life after war" - Distort Reality
(US) Portland raw punk/käng inspired by Totalitär and the likes.
U.X. VILEHEADS "Catch 22" - Adult Crash
(SWE) Early 80's DxC hardcore meets Uniform Choice or something.
ULTRA "Mistica moderna" - La Vida Es Un Mus
(ES) Powerful Barcelona HC w. hints at the Golden age of European hardcore mixed with Heresy and Crucifix
URBANOIA "Psykisk terror" - D-Takt & Råpunk
(NO) Great Norwegian hardcore like old Norwegian great ala Svart Framtid with a touch of Anti Cimex.....


ACUTE "殺人予告/Murder notice" - SMRT
(JP) Great classic Japanese hardcore
BELLICOSE MINDS, THE "The creature" - Sabotage
(US) Portland Oregon based dark punk
BLADES, THE "Surf City Punkrock" - Gummopunx
(US) 79/'80 demo of the early Huntington Beach punk band The Blades. Guess the title gives this one away...
BRICKLAYER "The wall" - Hardware
(US) Meat n' potato hardcore!
DEATH SENTENCE "Ryan exhumed" - Thought Crime
(AUS) Fast and to the point Aussie HC from the mid 80's. Includes the '85 EP, demo material + an unreleased recording
DEATH TOKEN "They worship us DLP" - Adult Crash

(DK) EP collection, outtakes, comp. trax etc...(white or black wax)
DESTRUCKTIONS "Complete Destrucktion" - Höhnie/Harcore Holocaust
(SF) Classic Finnish hardcore - full discography. Essential shit!
DISCLOSE "Yesterday's faitytale - Tomorrow's nightmare" - La Vida Es Un Mus
(JP) Noise and distortion....
DRY HEAVES "Slim pickings" - Adult Crash/Viral Age
(UK) Mixing classic snotty hardcore with the sound of UK82 styled punk rock! (red or black wax)
EXIT ORDER "Seed of hysteria" - La Vida Es Un Mus
(US) Boston punk deluxe
EXOTICA "Musique exotíque #02" - La Vida Es Un Mus
(US) Contemporary NY hc/punk
FORESEEN "Grave danger" - Svart/20 Buck Spin
(FIN) Hellsinki crossover punk/metal hardcore bomb
GLORIOUS? "Who are they to impose restrictions?" - Adult Crash
(SWE) Kängnäve pumpin' Malmö raw punk attack
GLUE "s/t" - La Vida Es Un Mus
(US) Stompy and bouncy Texas hc/punk
GOVERNMENT FLU "Tension" - Refuse
(PL) Early US styled hc/punk
H.I.C. Systeemi "Total blackout" - Höhnie
(SF) Early 80's hardcore/punk discography
HARAM "بس ربحت, خسرت = When you have won, you have lost" - La Vida Es Un Mus
(USA) NY hardcore/punk sung in Arabic
HOUNDS OF HATE "Hate springs eternal" - Assault
(USA) NY styled SXE HC ala early Sick Of It All and the likes
HÅRDA TIDER "Scandinavian hardcore insanity" - La Familia
(SWE) Crime City PMA HC powerhouse
HÅRDA TIDER / NIGHT FEVER split - Adult Crash/La Familia
(SWE/DK) Malmö PMA HC meets K-Town not so PMA HC
IRON "Desperate fight" - Assault/Monument etc
(SWE) Political vegan sxe hc
KOHU-63 "Sotaa 81/82" - Höhnie
(SF) Amazing early Finnish punk discography
KYKLOOPPIEN SUKUPUUTTO "s/t" - Hate/Spild Af Vinyl
(SF) Raw fast hardcore punk!
LAPINPOLTHAJAT "III" - Kämäset Levyt/Havoc/Höhnie etc
(SF) Catchy uptempo Finnish punk rock
(SWE) Malmö raw metal punk split
LIFE FUCKER "Z" - Static Age
(DE) Raw bouncy Berlin hc/punk!
LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS "Those pickled fuckers" - La Vida Es Un Mus
(US) Weirdo freak punk deluxe
LUX "s/t" - Discos Enfermos
(ES) Barcelona punk rock ala Vice Squad and other early UK82 punk greats
MASACRE 68 "¡No estamos conformes!" - Doomed To Extinction/Kämäset Levyt/Demilitarised Subconscious
(MEX) Reissue of this classic 80's Mexican hc/punk classic
NEGATIVE "Projections" - Byllepest/Sabotage/Ruin Nation
(NO) Oslo hardcore punk
NIGHT BIRDS "The other side of darkness" - Taken By Suprise
(US) New Jersey hardcore punk with a distinctive surf guitar sound.
NIGHT FEVER "Vendetta" - New blood"
(DK) K-Town Hardcore to the max.
NURSE "Discography 1983-1984" - La Vida Es Un Mus
(JP) All-girl hardcore/punk band from Tokyo - compiles both EPs
ORDEN MUNDIAL "Obediencia debida" - La Vida Es Un Mus
(E) Raw hardcore punk from Mallorca with an early Italian wibe
PRICE OF SILENCE "Architecture of vice" - D-Takt & Råpunk
(SWE) Late period Discharge worship
PURA MANIA "Cerebros punk" - Sabotage
(CAN) New wave-tinged punk a la Blitz’s New Age with a bit of South American flavor.
REGIMEN "Sinnesfrid" - Sista Versen
(SWE) Melodic hardcore rock n roll
S.H.I.T. "What do you stand for?" - La Vida Es Un Mus
(CAN) More straight up hardcore then previous EPS - great!
SIAL "s/t" - La Vida Es Un Mus
(SIN) Ferocious punk inspired by Disorder/The Comes and Crass
SIMULACRO "s/t" - Grita O Muere/El Lokal/Kämäset Levyt/Sarna Social/Wargame
(ES) Barcelona punk rock
SLUDGE "Conduct" - Crust War/Discos Mutación
(JP) Total anarchic metalcore punk...
SPLIT VEINS "s/t" - Godzilla
(UK) Distorted hc/punk which takes both the golden era of Japanese and Sweden hc as template
SUN BATHER "s/t" - Hjernespind
(INT) KBD styled punk! Nothing short of fantastic
THISCLOSE "One foot in the grave" - Anti Society
(UK) D-Beat punk
U.X. VILEHEADS "Hardcore XI" - Adult Crash/Ny Våg
(SWE) Umeå hardcore punk anno 2011.
VI GRUER OSS "Refleksjona over tempo" - Drittprofitt
(NO) Fast Norwegian hardcore/punk
THE WAR GOES ON "s/t" - Adult Crash/New Dark Age
(DK) Melancholic K-Town punk rock.
WARCHILD "Haunting images of human tragedy" - D-Takt & Råpunk
(SWE) Raw punk from the north
WILLFUL NEGLECT " Both 12" On One LP" - Havoc/Höhnie
(US) Their '82 + '83 12"s on an LP. Ripping early US hardcore
YLEISET SYYT "Ajatuskoneisto" - PROPAGANDA LIVE - Svart
(SF) Great raw Finnish hc/punk
(SF) Classic Propaganda Recs. comp. reissued. Feat. Bastards, Varaus, Riistetyt, Terveet Kädet etc etc


JUNTA light grey Gildan shirt - Size S-M-L-XL


UNARM white Gildan long sleeve - Size S-M-XL


UNARM UNARM black Gildan long sleeve - Size XL