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7" EPs

ANTI POSÖRERNA "s/t" - Ken Rock
(SWE) Catchy punk rock recorded in 1981
ATTENTAT "Ge fan i mej/Död bland döda" - Ken Rock
(SWE) Reissue of amazing classic Swedish Punk E.P. from 1979
BLAZING EYE "s/t" - La Vida Es Un Mus
BLAZING EYE "Lonely corpse" - La Vida Es Un Mus
(US) Gruff primitive hardcore a la Zouo/Mobs/LSD etc
CONCEALED BLADE "s/t" - Beach Impediment
(US) Hardcore
CRUDE "Smash the wall for freedom..." - Kämäset Levyt/Tampere Hardcore Coalition
(JP) Burning Spirits styled Hardcore
D.O.G. "Declaration Of Genocide" - Even Worse
(US) Raw Japanese styled hardcore via Pittsburgh
DAMAGED HEAD "s/t" - Adult Crash
DAMAGED HEAD "Gone" - Adult Crash
(SWE) Fast catchy hardcore!
EXOTICA "Musique exotíque" - La Vida Es Un Mus
(US) International hc/punk based in NY - great primitive bouncy punk shit
GAZM "Dirty beach" - Byllepest
(CAN) Raw hardcore punk
HJERTESTOP "Musik for dekadente ører" - Kick N Punch
(DK) K-Town hardcore fuckups deliver 4 new catchy tunes in their snotty punk fashion.
INSTÄNGD "Konkret och brutal" - Adult Crash
(SWE) Blown out fuzzy Umeå hc/punk ala 1981/1982.
JUNTA "Vertigem" - band
(DK) Raw Copenhagen hc/punk inspired by various early international shit
KNUSTE RUTER "Tusen grunner" - Sjakk Matt
(NO) Long running Oslo hc/punk
KRIGSHÖG "s/t" - La Vida Es Un Mus
(JP) Tokyo raw punk
LESION "s/t" - Adult Crash
LESION "II" - Adult Crash
(DK) Lofi mid paced black metal punk stomp!
LIFE / INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL "split" - Static Age
(JP/DE) Comes in nice silk screened covers
LIFE FUCKER "s/t" - Static Age
(DE) Bouncy Berlin raw punk
LOVE POTION "Ejaculator" - Adult Crash
(DK) Raw, destructive and disturbing K-Town hardcore punk
MUSTANG "Poison/Blood rain" - Kämäset Levyt/Tampere Hardcore Coalition
(JP) Burning Spirits styled Hardcore
NEU-RONZ "s/t" - Adult Crash
(SWE) Gnarly Stockholm hardcore punk (red or black wax)
NIGHT STALKERS "Don't talk to me" - Ken Rock
(F) Catchy early US styled hardcore
NIGHTMEN "Girl for you" - Rundgång/Instigate
(SWE) Malmö power pop/punk rock
NITAD "En ding ding vårld" - Adult Crash
(SWE) Stockholm hardcore punk galore.
PISS "s/t" - Static Age
PISS - "s/t 2" - Static Age
(DE) Raw hardcore punk from Berlin
PLANET Y "s/t" - Adult Crash
(DK) Like a mix between early Dangerhouse styled punk and classic Danish shit. (white or black wax)
PRIMITIVE RITES "Amount to nothing" - Adult Crash
(SWE) 6 new songs of tough yet catchy Malmö Hardcore/Punk (red or black wax)
RATCAGE "Caged Like rats" - La Vida Es Un Mus
(UK) Totalitär/Fy Fan styled hc/punk - great!
RIPPING HEADACHE "s/t" - Adult Crash
(DK) Fast and frantic K-Town hardcore.
SMART COPS "Cominciare a vivere" - Adult Crash
(I) Super catchy Italian hardcore with a touch of garagy punk (white or black wax)
SOTATILA "Vituiks meni" - Plague Bearer/Kämäset Levyt
SOTATILA "Vituiks meni" - Havoc
(SF/A) 2nd EP - 8 tracks of old styled Finnish hc/punk.
SUICIDAS "Baile de máscara" - Sabotage
(A/ES) Latest E.P. with 3 new super classic songs
TEROKAL "Life after war" - Distort Reality
(US) Portland raw punk/käng - inspired by Totalitär.
TERROSTAT "6-spors EP" - Sjakk Matt
(NO) Classic Norwegian sounding HC/punk - brings to mind the X-Port back catalogue. Recommended!
UX VILEHEADS "Catch 22" - Adult Crash
(SWE) Old styled DxC hardcore meets Uniform Choice or something.
THE WAR GOES ON "This shitty life" - New Dark Age
(DK) Melancholic K-Town Punk rock.


AGENT ATTITUDE "Deranged realities" - Adult Crash/Monument
(SWE) Latest and best recording by these Uppsala ADHD Hardcore ants - 3 copies left
BLADES, THE "Surf City Punkrock" - Gummopunx
(US) 79/'80 demo of the early Huntington Beach punk band The Blades. Guess the title gives this one away...
BRICKLAYER "The wall" - Hardware
(US) Meat n' potato hardcore!
CHAOS UK/EXTREME NOISE TERROR "Earslaughter" split - Boss Tuneage/Farewell
(UK) Classic 80's hardcore/crust reissue.
DAMAGED HEAD "Tunnel vision" - Adult Crash
(SWE) Stockholm/Uppsala hc - like a mix between old US HC and Totis - 3 copies left
DEATH TOKEN "They worship us DLP" - Adult Crash
(DK) EP collection, outtakes, comp. trax etc...(white or black wax)
DISCLOSE "Yesterday's faitytale - tomorrow's nightmare" - La Vida Es Un Mus
(JP) Noise and distortion....
DRY HEAVES "Slim pickings" - Adult Crash/Viral Age
(UK) Mixing classic snotty hardcore with the sound of UK82 styled punk rock! (red or black wax)
EXIT ORDER "Seed of hysteria" - La Vida Es Un Mus
(US) Boston peace punk/hc - highly recommended!
FUKUSHIMA "Invisible hand" - Ny Våg
(SWE) Umeå hardcore punk.
GEWALTBEREIT "Ein leben lang verreckt" - Abfall
(DE) Raw old styled German HC/punk - brings to mind german classics like Chaos-Z. Great!
GLORIOUS? "Who are they to impose restrictions?" - Adult Crash
(SWE) Kängnäve pumpin' Malmö raw punk attack
HOUNDS OF HATE "Hate springs eternal" - Assault
(USA) NY SXE HC ala early Sick Of It All etc
HÅRDA TIDER / NIGHT FEVER split - Adult Crash/La Familia
(SWE/DK) Malmö PMA HC meets K-Town not so PMA HC
IRON "Desperate fight" - Assault/Monument etc
(SWE) Political vegan sxe hc
KYKLOOPPIEN SUKUPUUTTO "s/t" - Hate/Spild Af Vinyl
(SF) Raw fast hardcore punk!
LAPINPOLTHAJAT "III" - Kämäset Levyt/Havoc/Höhnie etc
(SF) Catchy uptempo Finnish punk rock
NIGHT BIRDS "The other side of darkness" - Taken By Suprise
(US) New Jersey hardcore punk with a distinctive surf guitar sound.
NIGHT FEVER "Vendetta" - New blood"
(DK) K-Town Hardcore to the max.
PROTESTER "The first two years" - Refuse
(US) Hardcore
REGIMEN "Sinnesfrid" - Sista Versen
(SWE) Melodic hardccore with a hint of rock n roll
SIMULACRO "s/t" - Grita O Muere/El Lokal/Kämäset Levyt/Sarna Social/Wargame
(ES) Melodic Barcelona punk rock
SLUDGE "Conduct" - Crust War/Discos Mutación
(JP) Total anarchic metalcore punk...
SPLIT VEINS "s/t" - Godzilla
(UK) Distorted hc/punk which takes both the golden era of Japanese and Sweden hc as template
STRUL "Lennart och Asen" - Ken Rock
(SWE) Great Swedish hardcore punk. Brings the classics to mind without aping anyone in particular. Fans of good hardcore should take note! Makes me wanna play Missbrukarna, Huvudtvätt and the likes...Could be the best LP of the year so far!!!!
SUN BATHER "s/t" - Hjernespind
(INT) KBD styled punk with a folkish dad rock twist! Nothing short of fantastic
THISCLOSE "One foot in the grave" - Anti Society
(UK) D-Beat punk
U.X. VILEHEADS "Hardcore XI" - Adult Crash/Ny Våg
(SWE) Umeå hardcore punk anno 2011.
THE WAR GOES ON "s/t" - Adult Crash/New Dark Age
(DK) Melancholic K-Town Punk rock.


EASTERN BLOC "Demo" - Offside/ThrashZone
(US) Boston HC
MARTYRDÖD "In extremis" - Plague Bearer
(SWE) D-beat metal crust
SELF ABUSE "s/t" - Adult Crash
(SWE) Malmö Hardcore
VASTUSTA "Demo 15/12/2014" - Static Age
(SF) Raw Finnish hc/punk


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