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JUNTA "Dystopolis" - Junta Tapes
(DK) Copenhagen raw punk/hardcore
KRIGSKADE "Sidste vilje" - Creepo Zoid/High Hopes
(FR) Paris D-Beat/hardcore with Danish lyrics - comes w. a pin
MARTYRDÖD "In extremis" - Plague Bearer
(SWE) Raw scandi crust w. elements of black and death metal. LP on Havoc Recs.
NOSFERATU "Utopia" - Pissed Off/Chain
(US) US hardcore/punk
SELF ABUSE "s/t" - Adult Crash
(SWE) Gruff yet catchy Malmö hardcore featuring members of Fy Fan, Primitive Rites and Hårda Tider. Reminds me of early Detroit meets DxC HC.

7" EPs

ANDY THE BAND "Carry on" - Instigate/Sabotage
(SWE) Swedish pop meets punk. Andy doing everything on his own....
ANTI POSÖRERNA "s/t" - Ken Rock
(SWE) Catchy punk rock from 1981
ARSLE "s/t" - Adult Crash
(SWE) Earslaughtering Malmö raw punk brutality for fans of Anti Cimex, Skitkids, Infernöh and Contrast Attitude...(brown or black wax)
DAMAGED HEAD "s/t" - Adult Crash
DAMAGED HEAD "Gone" - Adult Crash
(SWE) Fast catchy ami-styled hardcore!
ESTRANGED "Frozen fingers" - Sabotage
(US) Somber Portland post-punk with a heavy 60’s rock influence
EXOTICA "Musique exotíque #01" - La Vida Es Un Mus
(US) Mixing elements of early Brazilian punk, the aggression of the 82 post DISCHARGE explosion and mutant punk worldwide
FRAMTID "The Horrific Visions" - La Vida Es Un Mus
(JP) Osaka crust legends. Early Swedish styled hardcore an added over the top delivery with a really strong Anti War message
GAZM "Dirty beach" - Byllepest
(CAN) Raw hardcore punk
GLORIOUS? "Neverending butchery" - Adult Crash
(SWE) Malmö DIS-punk madness. 4 new tracks recorded at Blakk Lodge.
IMPULSO "s/t" - Erste Theke Tonträger
(I) Feedback drenched hardcore
INSTÄNGD "Konkret och brutal" - Adult Crash
(SWE) Blown out fuzzy Umeå hc/punk ala 1981/1982.
JUNTA "Vertigem" - band
(DK) Raw Copenhagen hc/punk inspired by various early international shit
KATASTROF "s/t" - Adult Crash
(SWE) Furious Swedish hardcore punk. Should appeal to people who dig Totalitär, Herätys and the likes...(blue or black wax available)
KETTENHUND "s/t" - Contergan Punk
(DK) Austrian hc/punk - recorded at Ballade Studios
KOLD FRONT "s/t" - Symphony Of Destruction/Saudade
(DK) Cold Copenhagen post punk/wave
KOMBAT "In death we are all the same" - Hysteria
(US) NY City hardcore pink
LESION "s/t" - Adult Crash
LESION "II" - Adult Crash
(DK) Lo-fi mid paced black metal punk stomp!
LIFE / INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL "split" - Static Age
(JP/DE) Comes in nice silk screened covers
LIFE FUCKER "s/t" - Static Age
(DE) Berlin raw punk/hardcore
LOVE POTION "Ejaculator" - Adult Crash
(DK) Raw, destructive and disturbing K-Town hardcore punk
MACHINE GUN "10 hardcore tracks" - Even Worse
(US) No gimmicks - straight forward hardcore
MG-15 "Derecho a la vida" - La Vida Es Un Mus
(ES) Classic Spanish Dis-PUNK reissue. Mandatory!
MUJERES PODRIDAS "s/t" - Symphony Of Destruction
(US) Texas raw punk
NEON "s/t" - Static Age
(CH) Unreleased '78 recording from this pre-Kleenex/Lilliput band - primitive first wave Swizz punk
NEU-RONZ "s/t" - Adult Crash
(SWE) Gnarly Stockholm hardcore punk
NITAD "En ding ding vårld" - Adult Crash
(SWE) Stockholm hardcore punk galore.
PARADOX "s/t" - Symphony Of Destruction
(US) Raw hardcore/punk
PISS "2" - Static Age
(DE) Raw Swedish hardcore punk via Berlin
PLANET Y "s/t" - Adult Crash
(DK) Like a mix between early Dangerhouse styled punk and classic Danish shit.
PRIMITIVE RITES "Amount to nothing" - Adult Crash
(SWE) 6 new songs of tough yet catchy Malmö Hardcore/Punk
PROFOSS "s/t" - Adult Crash
(SWE) Raw Skåne käng punk
RIPPING HEADACHE "s/t" - Adult Crash
(DK) Fast and frantic K-Town hardcore.
ROLF & REVOLTÖRERNA "s/t" - Skramel
(SWE) Old swedish hc demos from 1981 and 1982.
SMART COPS "Cominciare a vivere" - Adult Crash
(I) Super catchy Italian hardcore with a touch of garagy punk (white or black wax)
SNOR "Scandinavian heartbreaker" - Adult Crash
(INT) More primitive reverb driven Malmö hardcore raw punk
SOTATILA "Vituiks meni" - Plague Bearer/Kämäset Levyt
SOTATILA "Vituiks meni" - Havoc
(SF/A) 2nd EP - 8 tracks of classic Finnish hc/punk.
STRUL "Föredrar ju fest" - Adult Crash
(SWE) Straight forward hardcore punk from GBG! If you dig classic Swedish shit like Huvudtvätt and Missbrukarna (or just good old hc/punk in general) you should give this a go!
TEROKAL "Life after war" - Distort Reality
(US) Portland raw punk/käng inspired by Totalitär and the likes.
U.X. VILEHEADS "Catch 22" - Adult Crash
(SWE) Early 80's DxC hardcore meets Uniform Choice or something.
ULTRA "Mistica moderna" - La Vida Es Un Mus
(ES) Powerful Barcelona HC w. hints at the Golden age of European hardcore mixed with Heresy and Crucifix
URBANOIA "Psykisk terror" - D-Takt & Råpunk
(NO) Great Norwegian hardcore like old Norwegian great ala Svart Framtid with a touch of Anti Cimex.....


ACUTE "殺人予告/Murder notice" - SMRT
(JP) Great classic Japanese hardcore
BELLICOSE MINDS, THE "The creature" - Sabotage
(US) Portland Oregon based dark punk
BLADES, THE "Surf City Punkrock" - Gummopunx
(US) 79/'80 demo of the early Huntington Beach punk band The Blades. Guess the title gives this one away...
BRICKLAYER "The wall" - Hardware
(US) Meat n' potato hardcore!
DEATH SENTENCE "Ryan exhumed" - Thought Crime
(AUS) Fast and to the point Aussie HC from the mid 80's. Includes the '85 EP, demo material + an unreleased recording
DEATH TOKEN "They worship us DLP" - Adult Crash

(DK) EP collection, outtakes, comp. trax etc...(white or black wax)
DESTRUCKTIONS "Complete Destrucktion" - Höhnie/Harcore Holocaust
(SF) Classic Finnish hardcore - full discography. Essential shit!
DISCLOSE "Yesterday's faitytale - Tomorrow's nightmare" - La Vida Es Un Mus
(JP) Noise and distortion....
DRY HEAVES "Slim pickings" - Adult Crash/Viral Age
(UK) Mixing classic snotty hardcore with the sound of UK82 styled punk rock! (red or black wax)
EXIT ORDER "Seed of hysteria" - La Vida Es Un Mus
(US) Boston punk deluxe
EXOTICA "Musique exotíque #02" - La Vida Es Un Mus
(US) Contemporary NY hc/punk
FORESEEN "Grave danger" - Svart/20 Buck Spin
(FIN) Hellsinki crossover punk/metal hardcore bomb
GLORIOUS? "Who are they to impose restrictions?" - Adult Crash
(SWE) Kängnäve pumpin' Malmö raw punk attack
GLUE "s/t" - La Vida Es Un Mus
(US) Stompy and bouncy Texas hc/punk
GOVERNMENT FLU "Tension" - Refuse
(PL) Early US styled hc/punk
H.I.C. Systeemi "Total blackout" - Höhnie
(SF) Early 80's hardcore/punk discography
HARAM "بس ربحت, خسرت = When you have won, you have lost" - La Vida Es Un Mus
(USA) NY hardcore/punk sung in Arabic
HOUNDS OF HATE "Hate springs eternal" - Assault
(USA) NY styled SXE HC ala early Sick Of It All and the likes
HÅRDA TIDER "Scandinavian hardcore insanity" - La Familia
(SWE) Crime City PMA HC powerhouse
HÅRDA TIDER / NIGHT FEVER split - Adult Crash/La Familia
(SWE/DK) Malmö PMA HC meets K-Town not so PMA HC
IRON "Desperate fight" - Assault/Monument etc
(SWE) Political vegan sxe hc
KOHU-63 "Sotaa 81/82" - Höhnie
(SF) Amazing early Finnish punk discography
KYKLOOPPIEN SUKUPUUTTO "s/t" - Hate/Spild Af Vinyl
(SF) Raw fast hardcore punk!
LAPINPOLTHAJAT "III" - Kämäset Levyt/Havoc/Höhnie etc
(SF) Catchy uptempo Finnish punk rock
(SWE) Malmö raw metal punk split
LIFE FUCKER "Z" - Static Age
(DE) Raw bouncy Berlin hc/punk!
LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS "Those pickled fuckers" - La Vida Es Un Mus
(US) Weirdo freak punk deluxe
LUX "s/t" - Discos Enfermos
(ES) Barcelona punk rock ala Vice Squad and other early UK82 punk greats
MASACRE 68 "¡No estamos conformes!" - Doomed To Extinction/Kämäset Levyt/Demilitarised Subconscious
(MEX) Reissue of this classic 80's Mexican hc/punk classic
NEGATIVE "Projections" - Byllepest/Sabotage/Ruin Nation
(NO) Oslo hardcore punk
NIGHT BIRDS "The other side of darkness" - Taken By Suprise
(US) New Jersey hardcore punk with a distinctive surf guitar sound.
NIGHT FEVER "Vendetta" - New blood"
(DK) K-Town Hardcore to the max.
NURSE "Discography 1983-1984" - La Vida Es Un Mus
(JP) All-girl hardcore/punk band from Tokyo - compiles both EPs
ORDEN MUNDIAL "Obediencia debida" - La Vida Es Un Mus
(E) Raw hardcore punk from Mallorca with an early Italian wibe
PRICE OF SILENCE "Architecture of vice" - D-Takt & Råpunk
(SWE) Late period Discharge worship
PURA MANIA "Cerebros punk" - Sabotage
(CAN) New wave-tinged punk a la Blitz’s New Age with a bit of South American flavor.
REGIMEN "Sinnesfrid" - Sista Versen
(SWE) Melodic hardcore rock n roll
S.H.I.T. "What do you stand for?" - La Vida Es Un Mus
(CAN) More straight up hardcore then previous EPS - great!
SIAL "s/t" - La Vida Es Un Mus
(SIN) Ferocious punk inspired by Disorder/The Comes and Crass
SIMULACRO "s/t" - Grita O Muere/El Lokal/Kämäset Levyt/Sarna Social/Wargame
(ES) Barcelona punk rock
SLUDGE "Conduct" - Crust War/Discos Mutación
(JP) Total anarchic metalcore punk...
SPLIT VEINS "s/t" - Godzilla
(UK) Distorted hc/punk which takes both the golden era of Japanese and Sweden hc as template
SUN BATHER "s/t" - Hjernespind
(INT) KBD styled punk! Nothing short of fantastic
THISCLOSE "One foot in the grave" - Anti Society
(UK) D-Beat punk
U.X. VILEHEADS "Hardcore XI" - Adult Crash/Ny Våg
(SWE) Umeå hardcore punk anno 2011.
VI GRUER OSS "Refleksjona over tempo" - Drittprofitt
(NO) Fast Norwegian hardcore/punk
THE WAR GOES ON "s/t" - Adult Crash/New Dark Age
(DK) Melancholic K-Town punk rock.
WARCHILD "Haunting images of human tragedy" - D-Takt & Råpunk
(SWE) Raw punk from the north
WILLFUL NEGLECT " Both 12" On One LP" - Havoc/Höhnie
(US) Their '82 + '83 12"s on an LP. Ripping early US hardcore
YLEISET SYYT "Ajatuskoneisto" - PROPAGANDA LIVE - Svart
(SF) Great raw Finnish hc/punk
(SF) Classic Propaganda Recs. comp. reissued. Feat. Bastards, Varaus, Riistetyt, Terveet Kädet etc etc


JUNTA light grey Gildan shirt - Size S-M-L-XL


UNARM white Gildan long sleeve - Size S-M-XL