ZYFILIS E.P. and CESSPOOL 12″ out now!

AC#58 ZYFILIS “E.P. One” 7″ E.P.
Öresund käng punk unity.The Zyfilis part of the MURO split tape from last year on black wax!
Limited to 300 copies.


AC#60 CESSPOOL “We Hide Among You” 12″
8 tracks of Copenhagen based international hardcore punk stomp. Like a brickwall colliding with a face!
Recorded by Blakk Lodge. Mastered by Will Killingsworth.
The first 100 copies come with an extra wrap around sleeve printed on mirror board stock.


The UZI 12″s are being shipped this week – so expect these real soon as well…

LARMA + DEFORMATION 12″s out now….


Skåne käng punk like there’s no tomorrow! For fans of Totalitär, Skitkids, Stress SS etc :-)


US press on Beach Impediment shortly…


Raw pummeling K-Town sledgehammer hardcore punk. Mastered at Noise Room.
Continuing in the tradition of raw Copenhagen bands like Death Token, Love Potion, Dogmatist etc.


Eternal gratitude to the North London Saviour, the Subdued Gang + Ika for saving my ass for K-Town.
No thanks to TNT for being fucking worthless!!!

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