AC#62 - KASSHUVE "Grisablod" E.P.

Malmö hc/råpunk time machine heading back to the early 80's...
Test press approved!

AC#63 - STRAY BULLET "s/t" E.P.

Brand new Sheffield hardcore act ripping through a tight set of 90's Clevo meets 80's Portland or Hudiksvall inspired destructive punk.
Test press approved!

AC#64 - ZYFILIS "Alla ska ha..." 12"

12 new songs of Öresung käng punk deliciousness!
Test press approved!

AC#65 - THE WAR GOES ON "Assisted armageddon" LP

2nd full length of über catchy melancholic and bleak Copenhagen punk rock. Drawing equally on Danish 80'ies pop-rock classics and old US and UK punk.

AC#66 - POWER FACE "Door slammed shut" E.P.

A fresh breath of catchy fucking hardcore from the Clueless Punx camp.

AC#67 - TBA E.P.

Something I've tried to get permission to do for half a lifetime - finally happening! I'm excited to say the least!!!!

#55 - LARMA "S/T" 12" (repress)

Skåne käng punk like there's no tomorrow! For fans of Skitkids, Stress SS, Arsle etc :-)
US press on Beach Impediment.

#59 - ZYFILIS "E.P. ONE" E.P. (repress)

Öresund käng punk unity. The Zyfilis part of the MURO split tape on red wax!

AC#61 - MURO "Pacificar" 12" (repress)

The 2nd 12" by Bogotá raw punkers MURO. Taking their primitive yet complex hardcore punk in new yet familiar directions. Inspired by international hardcore and punk from all ages - for ALL AGES!
US Press on Beach Impediment!

Somewhere in time:

HAG//JUNTA//NONPLUS//ZYFILIS 4-way-split-LP - ILOTA 12" - PLANET Y 12" - RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA 12" + much more...