CESSPOOL “Promo” MC – out this friday for their gig @ K-Town HC Fest.
An unavoidable mudslide of fat, midpaced, stomping hardcore punk.
Raw mixes of 4 tracks from an upcoming 12″ recorded @ Blakklodge.


Be sure to catch them at 19:00 on friday + at Byllepest Hardcore Weekend in Oslo next week.



SPPRAUT “Det Smutsiga Livet” E.P.
Ltd E.P. – act fast :-)
IMG_2388 (2)

AXE RASH “s/t” 12″
A red/white swirl verison is available through Adult Crash and the band.
IMG_2376 (2)

PLANET Y “Kniven For Struben” 12″
A turquoise verison is available through Adult Crash and the band.
IMG_2379 (2)

UNARM “The Voice From Forced Silence” E.P.
Due to a fuck up at the plant – the black version is the limited edition and will be available through Adult Crash and the band.
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– Send an old fashioned email for mailorder/wholesale enquiries!
ktown.hardcore [at] gmail.com

SPRAUT test press approved!

Test press

The test press for the SPRAUT “Det smutsiga livet” E.P. was approved a few weeks back – and should be available around April 1st (along with the 3 other new releases).
These guys rip through 8 tracks of catchy Uppsala raw punk / hardcore käng in the classic tradition of the region!

Check a few songs HERE!

AXE RASH “s/t” 12″ at press now…

Rabid, raw and ripping Stockholm hardcore punk. Taking no prisoners…
11 songs that will make you wanna break shit!

Scheduled for sometime in the first 1/3 of 2019.

Listen to a few tracks –

PLANET Y “Kniven For Struben” 12″ at press now…

Catchy Copenhagen Punk Rock inspired by Scandinavian 70’s melancholia and with hints of early West Coast punk rock melodies. This is a beacon in a grey-on-grey city!

Scheduled for sometime in the first 1/4 of 2019.

Listen to the first teaser –

Latest releases

AXE RASH "s/t" 12"

PLANET Y "Kniven for struben" 12"

Upcoming Events


    June 14 @ 18:00 - June 17 @ 05:00
  2. TØRSÖ (us) – NOTHING NEW – MANIC RIDE (swe)

    July 22 @ 20:00 - 23:55
  3. Hardcore Temptation Gig – S.H.I.T. (can) – CESSPOOL – HAG + more

    July 24 @ 20:00 - July 25 @ 01:00

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