STRAY BULLET “Factory EP” 7″ available @ K-Town HC Fest.

AC#75 STRAY BULLET “Factory EP” 7″ E.P.
The Sheffield hardcore ragers return with another slap of vinyl through AxC and deliver 4 new shots at “innocent” bystanders.
Recorded @ The Stationhouse by J.Atkinson. Mastered by D.Husayn @ NLBF Mastering.


A limited red wax version will be available from AxC + the band @ K-Town.

Mailorders will have to be a little patient though, as the US version on NFTW Recs. is slightly delayed…

You should also check out the first STRAY BULLET gig outside the UK on the Friday at the fest as well…

DRAÜMAR “D’Krig” 7″ E.P. out on Friday

AC#74 DRAÜMAR “D’Krig” 7″ E.P.
A Covid-19 kinda project from Olso, Norway and Austin, TX.
A punk snow blizzard of despair and loneliness.
Recorded @ Blitz in Oslo. Art by Carlos Velásquez.


A limited orange wax version will be available from AxC + the band @ K-Town and for mailorders starting Monday June 27th.
Be sure to catch their debut gig here on the Friday @ K-Town HC Fest!

Back in stock:

The AXE RASH “Contemporary Ass” E.P.
+ the THE WAR GOES ON “Discount Hope” E.P. are all back in stock now…

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