#58 - UZI "Cadena de odio" 12" repress

10 banging hits from these most inspiring and energetic Bogotá punx!
Take the catchiness of UK82 punk add a tad of mid 80'ies gloom and throw in a ton of South American tupa-tupa and you're nearly there!

#74 - DRAÜMAR "D'Krig" E.P.

Oslo/Austin hardcore punk blitzkrieg.
Test press approved....so hopefully out before the end of days.

#75 - STRAY BULLET "Factory EP" E.P.

Sheffield Hardcore Punk. This their 2nd E.P. contains four new scorchers.
US press coming through Not For The Weak.
Test press approved!

#76 - EXIL "Mercenary" E.P.

A bunch of exiled Umeå punx in Stockholm getting back to basics! Hardcore rules, OK?
Test press approved!

AC#77 - V/A Öresund HC Omnibus 12"

Exclusive E.P. length material by ZYFILIS - NONPLUS - JUNTA - HAG
At press!

AC#78 - NUKIES "Can’t you tell that this is hell" MC

Latest shot on the trunk of the Stockholm HC tree. 9 tracks of catchy hardcore/käng via the Clueless Punx!!!

AC#79 - ROPE "The end" MC

Umeå HC/Punk recorded by 2 lifers before one half moved to Stockholm some years back - unearthed and mastered by Jonas @ Blakklodge


International K-Town based Hardcore Punk with an honest punch in the balls.