LARMA + DEFORMATION 12″s out now….


Skåne käng punk like there’s no tomorrow! For fans of Totalitär, Skitkids, Stress SS etc :-)


US press on Beach Impediment shortly…


Raw pummeling K-Town sledgehammer hardcore punk. Mastered at Noise Room.
Continuing in the tradition of raw Copenhagen bands like Death Token, Love Potion, Dogmatist etc.


Eternal gratitude to the North London Saviour, the Subdued Gang + Ika for saving my ass for K-Town.
No thanks to TNT for being fucking worthless!!!


CESSPOOL “Promo” MC – out this friday for their gig @ K-Town HC Fest.
An unavoidable mudslide of fat, midpaced, stomping hardcore punk.
Raw mixes of 4 tracks from an upcoming 12″ recorded @ Blakklodge.


Be sure to catch them at 19:00 on friday + at Byllepest Hardcore Weekend in Oslo next week.



SPPRAUT “Det Smutsiga Livet” E.P.
Ltd E.P. – act fast :-)
IMG_2388 (2)

AXE RASH “s/t” 12″
A red/white swirl verison is available through Adult Crash and the band.
IMG_2376 (2)

PLANET Y “Kniven For Struben” 12″
A turquoise verison is available through Adult Crash and the band.
IMG_2379 (2)

UNARM “The Voice From Forced Silence” E.P.
Due to a fuck up at the plant – the black version is the limited edition and will be available through Adult Crash and the band.
IMG_2386 (2)

– Send an old fashioned email for mailorder/wholesale enquiries!
ktown.hardcore [at]

SPRAUT test press approved!

Test press

The test press for the SPRAUT “Det smutsiga livet” E.P. was approved a few weeks back – and should be available around April 1st (along with the 3 other new releases).
These guys rip through 8 tracks of catchy Uppsala raw punk / hardcore käng in the classic tradition of the region!

Check a few songs HERE!